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"Sweet Alaskan Caribou for Doug"
Photo provided by: Doug Morland

Doug Morland writes, "Being an educator provides me the unique opportunity to spend my summers working, fishing and hunting in Alaska. The first week of August I embarked on a DIY, solo, archery hunt for caribou on the Dalton highway. This would be my last week in Alaska before having to return for the start of school in Colorado. The day I arrived at my destination on the haul road, I watched this bull (with 3 others that were larger) loafing around on the other side of the sag river. The sag was very high and I was worried about crossing it on my friend's 8 ft. cataraft. The next day, with the river at a manageable level, I found the bull bedded in a perfect location for a stalk. After crossing the river, I worked my way about a mile across the tundra to get into position. I could see the tops of his antlers, so I used the riverbank to block his vision and the water's noise to cover my approach, as I crept to within 15 yards of the bedded bull. With my view of his vitals blocked by the riverbank, I patiently waited for him to stand up which would give me a good angle for the shot. As he stood, I drew my bow, settled the pin and touched the trigger. He exploded from the riverbank and ran parallel to me until he registered my presence and turned to flee in the opposite direction. Fortunately, he went only 50 yards before piling up."

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