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"Hidden Waterhole Pays Off"
Photo provided by: Kelly Morris

Kelly Morris writes, "I had found a hidden water hole in my favorite area this year. After several weeks of watching, I noticed this nice buck returning often. I set up my blind early so they could get used to it. After sitting all day on the 16th and seeing lots of animals, but not him, I was a little discouraged. Just after sundown he showed up with a smaller buck for a drink. Once the flutters calmed down, I was now ready ... I just needed the shot. Once he was done drinking he stepped away from the hole and gave a great quartering away look. I took it and he ran only about 65 yards on a dead run before coming to a stop. He is 15-1/8 on one side and 14-1/8 on the other, buts lots of mass to make it up. He grosses a little over 84 and nets a little over 82. He is my biggest buck and first bow kill. The best thing about this hunt is that my oldest son, Cordale was right there with me!"

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