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"Big Wyoming Whitetail for Tracy"
Photo provided by: Tracy Harrison

This fine buck was taken by Tracy Harrison on opening day in Wyoming.

Tracy writes, "I had been belly crawling thru the buck brush and sage, hoping to jump up a doe. I always buy both tags, but try for a doe first to put meat in our freezer. I had come out of the scrub brush and was in a dry creek bed full of cock a burrs. Very Noisy! I kept hearing the deer moving around the bend, and then I spotted a doe and fawn playing. And they saw me! So, I just froze, hoping I wouldn't scare them. While standing there (with my nose itching) a real big doe came out of the bushes. She and the younger doe kept looking to my left around the bend, so I knew there was a buck over there. I decided if he was nice, he was mine! About 10 minutes into my wait I noticed another animal had stuck its head out between the does. I pulled on my minocular and thought what's a mule deer buck doing here with these girls, then I realized it was my big buck for the year. So I pulled my gun up, took aim, and when he hit the ground (around 300 yards away) the only thing moving was his tail. It was waving good by to his girls and good job to me. I was so tickled."

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