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"Landon's Final Day Muley Success"
Photo provided by: Landon Cram

Landon Cram writes, "I was hunting near the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, about 20 miles East of Zion National Park on the 2012 Utah General Rifle hunt. I hunted 8 solid days only seeing small bucks, nothing I wanted to shoot. On the 9th morning (the last morning of the hunt) me and my dad decided to go for one last walk through some trees late in the morning before going back to Kanab for the afternoon. We were only 5 minutes into the walk when I heard my dad shoot about 100 yards from where I was walking. His bullet grazed the bucks back barely penetrating his hide. When I heard the shot I turned in the direction and waited, then my dad took a second shot missing the buck. After my dads second shot I could see the buck running in my direction. I took aim, pulled the trigger hitting the buck in the front shoulder. The buck then turned around and went back in the direction he came from and made it about 70-80 yards where we found him laying dead under a tree."

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