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"Matt's Wyoming Muley"
Photo provided by: Matt Asay

Matt Asay writes, "I am a man who believes in hunting public land with no temptation to shoot over a boundary for a nice deer; this makes mule deer hunting very difficult in Uinta county Wyoming. Much of our public land is land locked with private ground which had been leased out to several outfitters and this leaves very few accessible places to hunt. I hunt areas that are hard to get to and sometimes it pays off. On October the 3rd I found two nice bucks sparing on the edge of an aspen stand. I watched them push and turn each other around for about an hour when they both decided it was time to eat. As they grazed I looked over them both and decided which one I wanted to harvest. The better of the two was 543 yards from me, which for some this is a stretch but I shoot on a regular basis and am very comfortable with my Browning 325 WSM. I laid over my pack, took a deep breath, exhaled slowly and bang, the buck immediately dropped. That is the greatest feeling for any hunter to know an ethical kill was just made on a beautiful mature buck. I feel very fortunate to be able to say I harvested this buck on public land without pushing groves and pressuring these deer like I see year after year in these over hunted areas."

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