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"A Great Utah Deer Hunt"
Photo provided by: Harry Dunn

Harry Dunn, who goes by jtshedhead in the forums, shared in our forums the following about the buck his wife took this past season.

"Four years ago I took my wife on her first deer hunt and she has been hooked ever since. She harvested a respectful 1st buck and since she has been waiting patiently for a chance to do it again. This year my wife, Grandpa, and good buddy drew their tags. It was definitely a slower year and difficult to find a "shooter" buck. On the seventh day of the hunt we found a buck that drew her interest. The only problem was that we had made it a point to find my grandpa a buck first. With that said he had a decision to make. After further review he chose to pass on the buck and without hesitation my wife was ready to go.

We worked our way towards this buck and got within 250 yards of him. With that said, buck fever set in. She did the right thing by not forcing a shot when she didn't feel right. The buck moved out on us so we chose a different route hoping to see him again. As luck would have it we circled above the buck and had him moving right towards us. After a few exciting moments to say the least she connected at 150 yards.

It was definitely one of the most memorable hunts I've been on having the opportunity to spend time in the mountains with my family and great friends."

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