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"Speegoat Hunting Fun in New Mexico"
Photo provided by: Rylan Carver

Rylan Carver writes, "This year my buddy and I drew archery tags in eastern New Mexico for antelope. We found our antelope on the second morning. There was a unique buck with one horn forward and one that went back; as I was stalking this buck, TJ, my buddy, found himself another nice buck and put a move on him. He shot his buck at 76 yards, put a nice clean shot through him and the buck went only about 20 more yards before expiring. My buck went toward the commotion to investigate; he walked about 30 yards in front of TJ. As I walked up to TJ I questioned why he hadnít shot that buck and was shocked to hear he had downed a buck already. As we walked to TJ's buck, TJ spotted another buck also approaching his buck. We quickly hunkered down behind a mesquite bush. This new buck walked about 50 yards by us and I put a decent shot into him and he dropped in his tracks. We found that all these bucks were drawn in by a nearby scrape. In the end, our two bucks were 60 yards apart and 10 minutes between kills."

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