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"Stan's Dandy Colorado Muley"
Photo provided by: Stan Welton

Stan Welton writes, "It took 9 days to find this buck in Yuma county, CO. 12-12-12. It has been so dry and the deer were hard to find, until the early evening. About 3pm the deer started up to winter wheat and kept comming. I saw an average of 55 deer a night. I think it was due to the wheat was the only thing green to eat. Never saw any big bucks up top, only 2-3 pointers that were all broken up from the rut. It appeared there had been alot of fighting and the big bucks were worn out. I finnally found this deer bedded down at 8:30am and didn't get to shoot it until 12:30pm. They are very smart animals and this guy had himself in a location that it was impossible to get close to him without being seen. I am very happy with this 5x5, the wait was worth it!"

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