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"Johnny's Big 5x7 Nevada Buck"
Photo provided by: Charmaine Owens

Charmaine Owens writes, "This is my 14 year old son, Johnny, and his beautiful buck from Nevada. Johnny was born to hunt and he hunts hard, he got his hunters safety certification at just ten years old, staying up until after midnight every night studying. He passed when grown men failed that course. He put in for the draw in Nevada the following year and was unsuccessful, tried again he did not draw out for a second year. Finally on his third year he got the Jr tag allowing him to hunt all three weapons, bow, muzzleloader and rifle. Johnny was fortunate to be able to hunt with his grandpa and uncles and cousin, they all took time off from work at different times since the hunt lasted three months. Johnny hunted in places most people would be afraid to go, hiked and walked miles, passing up great deer and getting so excited that he missed a few as well. His grandpa would tell you he was shaking so hard the deer were spooked before he fired his gun. The day before the hunt ended I talked to him on the phone and he said he passed up a real heavy horned 4x4 nice buck, I said "buddy you know you could end up eating tag soup" he said "mom, I've worked too hard to settle, he just wasn't big enough." Johnny went back out the next morning and found his dream buck!!! I may be biased since I'm just his mama, but what a monster!!! Now the running family joke, thanks to my brother is, Johnny will spend the rest of his life looking for a bigger buck, he just might be ruined but he has bragging rights with this gorgeous 5x7."

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