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"Three Bulls = Good Times"
Photo provided by: Shane Todd

Shane Todd writes, "My buddy and I were walking into a spring for the opening day evening hunt. We were walking down a canyon bottom and walked up on a nice 6x6 at 63 yards. My buddy went back about 20 yards and began calling. He would bugle, but he would not come any closer. I was sitting on my knees and after about 5 minutes of them going back and forth I looked at him through my binos and saw that he was bedded. My buddy continued calling, but he would not get up from his bed so he quit calling and we decided to wait him out. One hour and forty five minutes later, he stood and began to feed. I did not have a shot due to thick vegetation, so I began closing the distance. He was feeding away and I was able to get within 50 yards. He turned broadside and gave me a slightly quartering away shot. The arrow hit its mark, he ran 80 yards and I watched him drop. We quartered him out and hauled what we could back to camp (1.5 miles).

The next morning we headed back in to get the rest of him. My son and I jumped another bull about 200 yards from where mine was. We set up on him and I began calling. He came back in and my buddy stuck him at 50 yards. We finished my elk and got him back to camp. Went back in that evening and recovered the other bull. Packing out two bulls in one day over 3 miles of dead fall and rocks is something I don't ever want to do again.

Several nights later we called in another bull while sitting water. A well placed 45 yard shot sealed the deal and we were able to load him whole into the ranger (we learned our lesson).

Three out of four hunters tagged out. We had a great time!!"

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