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"Dandy High Country Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Tyson Bradford

Tyson Bradford writes, "My buddy and I spotted this high country buck below us in a steep bowl bedded with another buck. He was bedded below a cliff which put him in the only killable spot in the large bowl because it was so open. It was going to be dark in about 30 minutes so we had to decide quick if we were going to put a stalk on him. We put the spotting scope on him and decided he was a shooter. I slowly worked my way down the steep, rocky slope until I reached the edge of the cliff. I crept over the cliff slowly, ranged him and decided to take the shot. I sent my Grim Reaper down range and felt confident that I hit him good, but was not 100% positive due to low light conditions. We had to leave him that night since it got dark on us. We woke up the next morning and found blood. We tracked him for about 1 mile and then found him piled up under a tree. We packed him out of the hole he was in, then my buddy put an arrow in a 4x5 on the way back to camp. What a memorable hunt."

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