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"Grandma's Sheds"
Photo provided by: Miguel Maes

Miguel Maes, aka crazeymaez, here at, shared in our forums the following:

"I was shed hunting 2 weeks ago and I was at the bottom of a canyon when my wife called me. She said they didnt think my Grandma was going to make it through the night and if I could go say my final goodbye to her.

I walked about 20 feet and looked to my left and there sits this horn waiting for me. Talk about a rough hike out. I had a lump in my throat fighting back tears, the wind and sun.

My grandma passed the next morning at 6:19. For the last couple weeks, I haven't been able to go look for the other side to my grandmas shed.

Friday I went back and was griding the area and could not turn it up. Giving up, I put on my I-pod and was ready to head back. Out of a 1000 songs the one that came on was one that reminds me of my grandma. In my head I said "lead me the way". I walked about 200 yards and lift up my binos and see a horn in the shadows.

I couldn't run fast enough and was in disbelief. I looked thru my binos again. I could tell it was a left side, but couldnt tell if it was a match. When I got to it I was very emotional. I knew my grandmas spirit was alive and well.

Everytime I look at these horns I will think of my Grandma Rose."

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