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"Idaho Highcountry Billy"
Photo provided by: Jeff Haugland

Jeff Haugland writes, "After drawing a once in a lifetime Mountain Goat tag in Idaho, through Cabela's Tags I booked a hunt with White Cloud Outfitters for the hunt. It was an adventure hunt. Horse backed 10 miles into the white cloud range, to a spike camp. Hunted in elevations of 8500-10,500 feet in country that man must be careful in. After seeing 30 different Mountain Goats, a half a dozen stalks that were all for not, I had my only shot on the 9th day of a 6 day hunt. After stalking in 2 miles up 2000 vertical feet of shale, I waited for 4 hours for the billy to stand. Finally at 2:00pm, I had the shot at 438 yards anchoring him with 1 shot with a 155 gr. Berger from my 300 Win Mag. It took 1 hour and 45 minutes to cover the 400 yards and climb to 10,500 feet to the billy. Aged at 9 years old by the Idaho fish and game, it was an awesome adventure that had so many ups and downs that truly made me very humble of what I was capable of."

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