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"Big Cheater Buck for Tyson"
Photo provided by: Tyson

Tyson writes, "I saw a lot of good bucks up on the archery hunt but just couldn’t get close enough to any of them and because of work I didn’t get to go up on the muzzleloader hunt. My buddy, Scott Watkins, and I headed up on Sunday, the second day into the (rifle) hunt. We started hiking around 5:30am. When we got to the top the wind was blowing like crazy. The sun finally came out and we started seeing deer. As we were sitting there watching a few bucks, a hunter came by with a nice 4x4 strapped to his back and we all know what that does to you! We kept watching the bucks and saw 3 that were worth going after. We watched them head up over a hill, so we decided to hike over to another hill and see if we could get on top of the 3 bucks. As we were walking we saw some deer in the quakies, so we stopped to see what they were. As we were looking, Scott said “What is that at the bottom of that tree”? I couldn’t see where he was looking so he put his spotting scope on it and I kept looking at the other deer. All of sudden Scott said, "HE IS A SHOOTER!!!" When he said that I knew he wasn’t joking! Two years ago Scott shot a 34-1/2 5x8 buck with a drop tine and two cheaters and eye guards. I needed to see what he was looking at so I looked through the scope and he was right. The only thing is I could only see one side of his rack. He was bedded down in the roots of a tree that had fallen down. We decided to go hike to a spot where hopefully we could get a better look. As soon as we got to that spot we put our glasses on him and I knew right away I was going to take a shot. I ranged him at 408 and man I was shaking. Right before I was about to pull the trigger Scott said, "Hey, don’t get mad at me but he has cheaters". Like the pressure wasn’t already bad enough. I gave my 7mm a nice little squeeze and down he went right where he was bedded! He started sliding in the snow a good hundred yards which ended up working out for me. We loaded our packs and headed towards him. When we walked up to him he was an awesome 6x6 with eye guards. From cheater to cheater he is 29-3/4 and not counting his cheaters his main is 25."

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