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"One Great Buck for Loke"
Photo provided by: Loke

Loke writes, "This was my first deer hunt I have ever been on. I just got married in August and finally got the okay to go to my husband's family secret hunting spot. We both drew out a tag out there. It was the last night we were out there for the weekend. We saw a bunch of little bucks, but nothing my husband thought was worth shooting. He decided that he didn't want to take his gun out on this last stand. He wanted to let them grow and get big. He said that it's your first year so let's get ya one of those small ones.

We went out to our last stand for the weekend. We sat there for what seemed like forever. We watched them come out into this meadow. There were three bucks in the herd. The same ones we saw all weekend.. None were huge.. the biggest was a long 2x3. I was scoping them out seeing which one I wanted. I noticed the doe'''s kept looking back at the tree line. My husband said if your going to shoot one better do it now. I said lets wait just little longer. The doe's kept looking back at the tree line like something was coming. Sure enough 10 minutes later this fella jumps. My husband about died when he saw the spread on him. I lined him up in my scope pulled the trigger and he dropped.

His family has been hunting out there for 20 years and this was bigger than any one they had shot. I may be banned now!"

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