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"Justin's Nevada Antelope"
Photo provided by: Justin Alanis

Justin Alanis, aka Giggles77 here at, shared his story and photos in our forum. Here you go:
"My Nevada area 143 Antelope buck .... I got this guy opening morning of my season on 8-22-2013. I only scouted this area once the previous day and although I never seen any buck I still wanted to come back and hunt this area. I spotted this guy a little more than 1.5 miles away. I decided to give him another look so I loaded up and went hiking. I was hidden most of the way on my hour and a half hike. I seen him and a doe looking at me 150 yards away. I crouched down and the buck and doe just kept walking towards me and looking at me as if they were curious or something. I thought it was funny. When they were about 75 yards away they stopped. He turned broadside and I debated and debated on shooting him. I decided to end my hunt even though it was only opening day. His prongs don't have much length but I'm happy with him. My hike back to the truck was an exhausting 2 hour workout but I finally made it with all the meat, cape, head, and my gear. He's not the biggest but I had a good day to myself."

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