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"Another Dandy Archery Buck for Kip"
Photo provided by: Kip Fowler

Kip Fowler, aka LuckyShot, shared the following in our Mule Deer forum:
"I was able to slip an arrow into this buck Thursday night at dark.
We hiked into an area and my buddy, Matt Bateman, spotted this buck up and on the move. I was able to work my way into position and held tight at the edge of some pines for over an hour. The buck finally gave me a 65 yard shot, so I let one go.
The arrow hit home and the buck only went 50 yards before tipping over.
He wasnt the bruiser I was hoping to get, but sometimes in that high country you gotta take what the mountain gives you. We had been hitting it pretty hard over the past 10 days......So I felt fortunate to have a good opportunity at this solid Pope and Young buck.
Glad that my good friend Matt Bateman was right there to watch it all go down. Thanks for your help bro!!"

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