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"Exciting Bear Hunting Success"
Photo provided by: Corwin Snow

Corwin Snow writes, "Here's a bear I took last week of Sept. on the fall hunt. I went up to take my bait down because I hadn't seen any bears coming into it. When I got there I could see that a bear had hit the bait, so I checked my trail cam and he had hit it at midnight the night before. I snapped a few pictures of the bait and all the tracks around the area and I started to look for a place to sit and hide out for the remainder of the day, but as I turned around I looked down the hill and at 60 yards I could see him working his way up through the pines to the bait. In a scramble, I made it over to my bow that was sitting 10 yards away and got an arrow nocked. He continued up the hill towards me and the bait. I was caught in the wide open, but he just kept coming. I first ranged him at 50 then 35, but couldn't get a lane to shoot through. At 15 yards I drew my bow and held the pin on his shoulder as he worked closer and closer. I had two dead pines between me and him and as he came into a lane between these two trees, he turned broadside and he stopped in the perfect opening. At only 7 steps, I let loose 410 grains of Carbon RIP. The arrow screamed through him and he spun and went back down the hill about 10 yards, stopped and started to look towards the direction he'd just been stung. Within seconds he started to feel the effects of the Ulmer Edge and began to sway side to side, then finally roll down the hill. He laid just 15 yards from me and the bait. This is my first black bear ever and after the surge of adrenaline these things give you "especially being on the ground with him that close" it will not be my last for sure."

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