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"Colorado Stick-n-String Bull"
Photo provided by: Charles Terrell

This Colorado bull was arrowed by Charles Terrell, aka r270 here at Here's what Charles shared in our elk forum.....

"I was able to take a few days off and hunt the last four days of the archery season in Colorado with my son. For the first few days we tried to get him a shot and had a lot of close encounters. The bulls were going crazy. I had a close encounter with a rag horn at about 30 yds and air mailed it way over him...I got way too excited. Finally on Saturday we got into a bunch and they were bugling like crazy. I was able to sneak into a herd and got about 22 yds from this bull. Put an arrow in him at mid-bugle! I knew that I had made a good shot, so I left and went to get my son Kade who was hunting in another spot. We came back and he got to be the first one to put his hands on the bull. Not necessarily the biggest bull on the mountain, but quite the prize for me! Very thankful to be able to harvest a great animal while sharing the experience with my son. Can't wait for buck season with Kade and my daughter Makenna!"

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