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"Awesome Trophy Bull for Josh"
Photo provided by: Josh Foster

Josh Foster, aka bigcreekmetal, shared in our elk forum the following...........

"Every year is a great year but this year really was great. First couple of days I went out and missed two different 6 point bulls by shooting right over their back. I was kicking myself for that but had a week off right in the middle of the rut. I took my 11 year old boy up with me on Friday then we would come back Saturday and I would go back up Sunday night for the week in case my son and I didnt get one. I pulled my boy out of school early and drive up. We got all our stuff unloaded and set up at camp then took off about 5:00 pm. We hunted about 30 min when we heard a bugle so we followed it to the source. We got close and set up. My son sat down and I went about 50 yards further up the trail and set up in what I thought would be a good spot. Colton started cow calling and I saw the bull come through the trees but stopped at 150 yards per the range finder. He would not come out of the trees so I couldnt tell how big he was for sure but thought he was a smallish 5 or 6 pointer. For 15 min he stood there looking for this cow that was my son then turned around and started walking off so I bugled. That perked him up then he bugled back. We went back and forth a couple times then I would bugle right over the top of him when he would scream. There were some big rocks in the trail and some dead trees right below me so I threw those rocks into those dead trees which made all kinds of racket then I heard that bull thrashing brush with his horns.

All the sudden the darn bull came tearing up over the hill right for me. Holy shiz is what I thought he is bigger than I thought! He came running in looking for that other bull and wanting to open up a can of whoop a$$ on me. He came above me instead of below me (or course) and stopped 15 yards from me staring right at my son who is in plain view in the middle of the trail 50 yards back. My son didnt move a muscle but they had a stare down for a couple minutes. I took a shot at that bull. He went back over the hill and I saw a big cloud of dust roll up into the air so I knew he kissed earth. Then his herd of cows took off which I didnt know he had any as they were all brushed up but they kept stopping and looking back where the bull was wondering I guess why he wasnt coming with them with us being right there in plain sight.

Colton and I went over to him and found him where he had fell into a pile of brush. I counted 7 on the one side and was happy as heck for that extra then realized he had 7 on both sides and was overjoyed. I was so, so happy my son was there to witness the whole thing. And not just witness but be a part of it by working that cow call. Then the work began... It was a heck of a good time with my boy. He sure as heck isnt even close to the biggest on here but to have my boy be a part of it I would have been every bit as happy with a spike. Well maybe not AS happy but you know what I mean. It was just cool having my boy helping with the calling."

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