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"Very Cool Success"
Photo provided by: Ken Vaughn

Ken Vaughn writes, "This year on the general archery deer hunt I thought I would try out a new camo idea by rapping duck blind material around me and my wheelchair. That way I would be one uniform pattern to keep my wheelchair hidden too. I don't like hunting from a pop up blind, they stand out to much in Utah. This way is much more up close and personal the way I like it. I was hunting the last 5 days and came close to getting a number of nice bucks. They would walk right up to me, one even at 10 feet was trying to sniff me. The thrill of a deer that close is great. Most able body people don't even have deer come that close. On day 6 at 8:20pm two bucks came down the game trail I was facing. The first one was a really wide and tall 2 point and just behind him was a small 4 point. It had only taken me a few seconds to know what deer I would shoot. The 2 point made the 4 point look like a spike, he was heavy, wide, tall and a big body. As they walked down the trail to me I pulled my crossbow up and when he stopped to look at me at 21 yards I thumped him straight on, high in the chest. If I had waited for him to turn the other buck would have been behind him. I will not shoot and risk hitting the other when archery hunting. You never know where the arrow will come out if it hits a bone. The 2 point was hit hard and ran only 25 yards up the trail before he dropped for good. It was an amazing hunt. It just shows you being quiet, still and very patient is a must when hunting. Thank you to my Dad and friends Bill and Robert for helping with the hard stuff."

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