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"Awesome Luck = Monster Bull"
Photo provided by: Eric Atkins

Eric Atkins, aka cavemn5050, posted in our forum the following about his first elk.......

"Just got home from my first elk hunt and have a nice trophy to stare at forever. Woke up early Saturday morning and went on a couple mile hike to where I planned to sit opening morning. 5 minutes before shooting began I had 2 spikes, 4 cows, and 2 calves walk right in front of me. One of the cows stopped and stared at me for a second. I sat there thinking, "This is it, the only elk I'll see and I can't shoot because it's not time yet."

I let em walk, disappointed that I probably wouldn't see any other elk. A few minutes later, I hear the snap, crackle, pop of something coming towards me. I look through my binos and all I see is a huge rack! I grabbed my rifle, he kept walking. I had to ask myself as I stared through my scope, "Is this really happening?"

He kept coming towards me and stopped 21 yards in front of me, perfect broadside shot. I dropped him right where he stood. I stood there in disbelief that this was my first elk! He's a 7x7 main frame 6x6 with 2-3" devil spikes coming off his eyeguards.

After the longest 3 miles hike ever, we got back to camp. I've never taped a bull before but I roughed him at 363, so perhaps a high 350's all said and done. Still can't believe my luck!"

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