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"Great Southwest Wyoming Buck"
Photo provided by: Riggen Moon

Riggen Moon writes, "My buddy (Adam) and I decided to try a new area close enough to town but still far enough to get away and take the campers for 4-5 days. After the first day and a half finding numerous bucks and covering a lot of ground, we decided to focus on another area for an afternoon hunt. After hiking a mile through groves and sage brush hills we came upon a small group of pine and aspen trees. Adam signaled he was taking the top side and I would skirt the bottom. Not long after splitting I caught a movement to my left and I turned to catch this big muley jumping a log only 20 yards away. Quickly I looked for a shooting lane while clicking the safety off my .270. Luckily the big muley decided to cut across the brush to another thicket and I got a quick shot off with this beautiful buck only 50 yards away dropping him as quick as he had appeared. The sight of this buck was shocking to both Adam and I. I think he was just as excited as I was once he got sight of this dandy. Couldn't ask for a better outcome for a deer hunt with a great friend."

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