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"Big Utah Smokepole Trophy Buck"
Photo provided by: Jesse Olsen

Here's a big buck that was shared in our mule deer forum. Jesse Olsen, aka Jesslife, took this slug during Utah's general season muzzleloader hunt. Here's what he wrote in our forum..........

"I shot this buck on Sept 25 with only a few minutes of light left. When I found this buck I just got over a ridge and started to glass, after a few seconds of glassing I found him staring at me, with two other bucks. As soon as we laid eyes on each other he started to get nervous and slowly started to walk up the hill. I knew with the light and me getting busted there were only going to be a few seconds to make this happen. I grabbed my shooting stick while my buddy range it for me and got set up. I ask what is the range and he replies 223 yds! With my thoughts racing in my head, I remembered that I shot a buck last year at 255 yds......and thought, I can do this!...... Boom!! As the smoked cleared I saw him and the other bucks run like crazy over the hill. As I watch him run he did not looked hit. But I felt good with the shot and proceeded to follow him. As I got to the other side of the canyon I found his tracks. Then again I got over the next ridge that I saw him run over and again started to glass only to find him staring back at me, but only this time he was closer. I got set up again and he started to run. As I watch him through my 1x scope my friend whistles and he stops for one last look.... Boom!!! and as I saw him through my scope he did a back leg high kick!! Then ran over the next hill. By the time I got to where he was when I shot, it was dark. My buddy and I started to search the area for blood with are head lamps on, with in a few minutes I found 3 drop of blood. We where in the dark for 3 hrs after trying to find a blood trail or his tracks, and only nothing else beside those 3 drops. So we decide to come back tomorrow and search again. The next day with only 2 hrs of sleep I headed back up with another friend to try to find this buck. Soon after we got there my buddy says I FOUND HIM!! I guess the birds in the area did waste any time with this buck. As we got to him he only start to bleed hard 30 yds before he was done. I ended up shooting him twice, first shot was just a little far back from his lungs and the second shot was the very back/top of his lungs. Lucky enough we found him early enough that none of the meat went bad. Just wanted to say Thanks to Brad and Dave for helping me harvest this great buck! Already cant wait for next years hunt!"

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