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"Whopper Buck with Extras for Cam"
Photo provided by: Cam Barlow

Long time member and one amazing deer hunter, Cam Barlow, aka Saskman, got it done again. What a whopper buck. This is what Cam shared in our mule deer forum:

"Shot this guy first thing this morning on the opening day of our muzzleloader season. I haven't had as much time this year to scout but found this guy back in August. He had really good tine length but a very narrow spread. He didn't look like much when you saw him form behind or the front but when he turned sideways he looked really good with the long tines. Got after him a couple times during archery season but wasn't able to connect. Shot right over his back on a steep downward shot early in the season. I left him alone for the last couple weeks and decided to go after him with the muzzleloader. First thing this morning I headed into the draw that he had been frequenting this summer and sure enough I spotted him a couple hundred yards north of me heading back to his bedding area. It was quite windy and damp this morning so was able to stalk right into 30 yards while he was browsing in the bottom of the coulee. 30 yards wasn't a tough shot with the muzzy and he ran towards me at the shot and piled up only 5 yards to my left. He ended up having a total gross score of 194 2/8 and that was with a 16 inch inside spread. His longest G4 is 14 6/8 long. For not having a ton of time this year I am quite pleased with him."

Take a look at Cam's thread in our mule deer forum ... Click Here

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