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"Big Book Cliff's Buck for Taylor"
Photo provided by: Taylor Edwards

Taylor Edwards, aka backinthegame, had a nice hunt on the Book Cliffs this year. He shared the following in our forum;

"I was lucky enough to be able to spend last week chasing bucks on the Book Cliffs, and had a really fun hunt. It's neat country out there, tons of deer running around! Also ran into plenty of elk, and even saw the bison a couple times.

Although we saw plenty of deer (fawn crop seems to be extremely strong especially) and a whole bunch of bucks, we did have trouble finding mature deer. Spent lots of time behind the binos and covered tons of ground, just couldn't seem to turn up anything really good. I wouldn't call it disappointing at all because I had a blast, but maybe a little bit surprising though.

I ended up making a nice stalk and a good shot on this buck one evening as he and a group of other bucks fed onto a sage flat in the bottom of a canyon.

My dad got to watch the whole thing from the top of the canyon which was cool for us both."

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