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"Tracy's Wyoming Bull Elk"
Photo provided by: Tracy Sheen regular, Tracy Sheen writes, "This is the bull I took on the last weekend of the general season near Fox Park Wyoming, where the hunting is tough due to the amount of people. I had not seen an elk since the 2nd weekend in September and not having any vacation time to take to hunt during the week, my only option was to become a weekend warrior, which makes it even tougher to get a place to yourself. We were running late leaving our cabin due to a faulty alarm clock, so we drove as fast as we could to get to our stomping grounds in hopes someone else hadn't beat us there. To our surprise we were the only ones there and it was 7:00, just after sunrise, so we ran to the top of the ridge we wanted to hunt the backside of and after catching our breath we started our descend towards a small meadow we almost always catch elk in. Wouldn't you know it, the were elk coming right up the ridge right at my cousin, Will Wagner, and I. Two nice bulls. I got on a knee, picked an opening and took the shot when the first bull stepped into it. He dropped and the other bull just stood there. Will was six feet to my left and didn't have a shot at that bull, but the next morning we were able to get him a cow just a few hundred yards from where I took my bull the day before."

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