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"Awesome Colorado Trophy Bull for John"
Photo provided by: John Simo

John Simo, aka Simo42, shared in our Colorado forum the following........

"Just back from my 61 elk hunt where my partner and myself connected on two 6x6 bulls. Starting from the day we got there(13th) the bulls were bugling. After 18 years one might think I should hold out...that was my plan. I held out until 10:30 am when the herd bull I was after pushed a cow out of the oak brush and went from
18 yards in front of me to 23 yards away and stopped broadside and quartering away. He honestly looked and sounded like the biggest thing on the mountain!

My partner waited 5 days before connecting and I was fortunate enough to be 2 feet behind him when he took the shot. I instantly bugled and the bull stopped 70 yards out and bedded up. With other bulls and cow talk all around us we felt as confident as we could when he stood up and walked into the brush. After a long (and agonizing) wait we took up the trail. He had only traveled 80 yards from our last sighting.

After some hooping and hollering and a few pics the work began. A perfect end to a long journey. It's sort of bitter sweet since this had been a dream hunt for my dad and his partner. Both passed away recently while holding 17 and 18 preference points. Thank-you to the help I received from the great guys on this site!!!"

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