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"Great Times Bowhunting Bucks Success!"
Photo provided by: Jaron Dansie

Jaron Dansie, aka TheFever, writes, "This year has been fast-paced. From the scouting and preparation to already being 11 days into the season. I wouldn't say there have been any lows, but I have been disappointed slightly in several misses I had leading up to today's harvest. I practice all summer and felt confident, having the mindset that I think I should, but that I wouldn't miss any shots and that I basically would need 1 arrow and that's it.
James Yates and I, especially him, worked our butts off scouting with hiking in cameras, salt blocks, tree stands, gallons of water, and spent many trips besides those with the tripods and spotters in tow.
I'd hoped before the opener to nail a big deer, but then, and I'm grateful for it, my mindset really wanted to get a deer and be happy with him. I'm happy with today's deer. I really am. I was solo today, and it happened. It was rewarding, but bittersweet as I would have loved to of had a buddy with me there to witness. But there also comes with the spot, the stalk, the shot, the processing, and the hike out, a feeling that is super gratifying when alone.
Luckily, I had a buddy, Scott Facer hike up and meet me close to the ridge on the way out. We talked, he hydrated me and gave me a Clif bar and then took part of my load.
I was talking with Marc Smith recently and it really is amazing what happens to friendships as they're forged over extreme conditions and life passions. I truly love and respect my hunting brothers and hope I can be there at their side as they need me. Best of luck to my fellow archers and outdoorsmen."

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