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"Steve Big Muley Buck ... His Biggest Ever"
Photo provided by: Steve Brott

Steve Brott, aka Bossbrott, shared with us all in our California forum the following..........

"Made the hike into 7b for the openers. Been scouting this particular buck since July, and really hoped he would be feeding on a particular hillside come sunup. Well he wasn't there like previous trips. Maybe it was the full moon, maybe a bow hunter had taken him?
Instead of sitting and watching the hillside in the parching sun, maybe I can keep the wind to my nose and sneak slowly along. I was making slow progress, but it was progress because I was up winded and as quiet as can be.
I peeked over a ridge to view some absolutely incredible habitat,,,beaver ponds, tules, willows, aspens, just absolutely perfect deer habitat. That's when he appeared running left to right making his way towards a deep draw. My first shot missed, and my second,,,,we'll lets just say, if the sight picture in my scope was true, I'd smoked him just as he lept over the ledge.
Upon making my way down I saw no sign of the buck, but I certainly didn't see him come out of the draw. Upon a quick search I found a large splatter of blood on a nearby pine, then another, and yet another, and there he lay.
Here's the pic when I approached him. I simply laid the rifle on him and took a pic. I still can't believe the size of him, he's my biggest buck to date."

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