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"Austin's Cool Crazy-Horned Speedgoat"
Photo provided by: Auston Butt

Auston Butt writes, "I filled my antelope tag Sunday morning on public land. Spent all day Friday scouting before opening morning. I found this buck with 18 other antelope, including 6 other bucks, on a tricky piece of public ground only accessible at one corner and surrounded by private. Opening morning we belly crawled out into the open sage in the dark, found the antelope 1/2 mile away at first light and spend the rest of the morning playing cat and mouse trying to get within rifle range in the wide open. I closed the gap within 400 a couple times but this buck always had us pinned down. He actually led the herd every time they would move, something Iíve never seen a buck do.

We finally pushed them onto private where they stayed the remainder of the weekend.

It rained hard that night and we slept in the following morning to let the storm pass, which it never did so we packed up camp and started to head home. As we left the area we saw that 17 of the antelope Iíd been chasing were still well into the private land we had chased them to the day before. The only one missing was crazy horns. I figured someone shot him. Just as we were about to leave the area, I spotted him all alone, back on the piece of public and in one of the few spots where I could get within rifle range of him. Why he separated from the group that he had been hanging out with probably all year long is beyond me. Definitely the most unique antelope Iíve ever seen and by far the most savy. FWP aged him at 4 ."

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