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"Crazy, Cool, Unique Muley for Mike"
Photo provided by: Mike Kemp

Mike Kemp writes, "I shot this crazy looking buck that I dubbed as "Captain Hook" on the rifle hunt Oct. 24, 2014. I was watching into a terrace flat from up above and there were deer everywhere. I couldn’t see well because it was so thick down in that terrace. So I moved positions about 50 feet to the east and less than a minute later 4 deer came running into the terrace below me. There were 3 does with this guy behind them. They were running full speed through the trees so I couldn’t get a shot at first, so I pre-set my gun to a small clearing that I hoped they would run through, and sure enough they did just that. When the buck came through, I cracked off one super fast shot. Deer were running everywhere after the shot and I had no idea if I hit him or not. I was pretty sure I missed because the shot was crazy difficult. My dad held my shooting position while I walked the approx 120 yards to the spot where I shot. There he was piled up stone cold dead. What a fun hunt!"

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