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"Four Amazing Trophy Bucks"
Photo provided by: Mike Truman

Mike Truman writes, "A general season deer hunt in Utah to NEVER to be forgotten!! We have been watching a couple of these bucks for a couple years now and in years past these muleys won and we went home and had Tag Soup for dinner, but this year 2014 we won.

I killed my buck (top 2 pics) on the archery hunt in the 3rd weekend of the hunt. I was starting to think this buck was going to win the match again, as he kept outsmarting me and I had gotten one shot off during the 2nd weekend and missed. I was sick for days after I missed, but the next weekend he made a mistake and when the sun came up on August 31st there he was at 80 yards coming right to me, he changed direction at 56 yards and I knew it was now or never. Between the shakes and my nerves im not exactly how I hit him but my arrow flew true and he went about 80 yards and crashed dead. It felt so good to redeem myself after the miss. Watching this buck grow up over the years made it even better. He sits right at 29 inched wide and has some awesome mass. He has 7 scorable points on his right and 6 on his left and he rough scored out at 194 with beautiful velvet to boot. Patience and Persistence finally paid off.

Then on September 24th, opening day of the general muzzleloader season it was my Dads turn (3rd pic from top). We chased this buck for 2 years and he eluded us many of times. After many many hours on him we finally figured out his back door exit, and sure enough opening morning he was on route and my dad was in position. He hit him good and after an amazing group effort and a couple hours of tracking a blood trail we jumped him and my dads 2nd shot sang true and down he went. This buck we named ďtripodĒ sits at 29-1/2 inches wide and scored an amazing 207 inches.

Then came September 25th and it was Aliís turn today (4th pic from top). She is my sister-in-law and has accustomed well into the family, as we have a nasty habit of hunting year around. She had done a little bit of hunting before marrying my brother, Lance, but after that she is out there almost every day as Lance is a full time guide for just about anything anyone wants to hunt. She did well the night before her kill and passed up a couple smaller bucks, but when it came time to pull the trigger she downed this awesome 24 inch 4 x 4. One shot Ė One Kill Ö.. Nice shooting Ali.

Then came September 26th and it was Lances turn (Bottom Pic). I will leave a lot of this story out, even though it would be fun to tell (hint: Look on his bucks right antler about 8 to 10 inches up from the base on the main beam). Anyway Lance is an amazing hunter, that can go into any area and just think and ponder for a day or two and he has it figured out. He put himself in an amazing spot the morning of his kill and it all came together again as planned as he dropped his buck dead. When his buck hit the dirt we were all a little bit surprised at how big he really was. He only sits 22 inches wide but has an amazing looking 7 x 4 frame with great length. I think because of the width we all under judged him a little as his buck scored out at 194 inches.

Wow I got buck fever all over again just sitting here typing this up and I canít wait for next year to do it again. I donít know if we can top the year we had in 2014 as we all killed our biggest bucks to date. We all couldnít have done it without each other, itís amazing when a plan comes together. What an awesome little hunting party we have and what an awesome year we had. Thanks everybody!!!!!"

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