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"Fantastic Kodiak Brown Bear Adventure"
Photo provided by: Chuck Jorgensen

Chuck Jorgensen writes, "My son backed me up on three stalks on some huge bears throughout my Kodiak brown bear hunt. My goal was to kill one of the world's largest bears with a longbow. We saw from one to 12 bears every day. I could have easily shot a behemoth blonde the first day with a rifle, but I was determined to get one with my longbow. After several long, rainy, tiring days we checked a kill site to find a really nice bear that had kicked a smaller 7-footer off that we had seen a few days earlier. This was not a bear I was going to pass up! While quietly planning a route into bowrange, the wind changed and the bear caught our scent. He started coming towards us, huffing, growling, stomping his front feet, pacing and sniffing the air. Things were getting western way too fast! I said "Shaun, this ain't good. Give me my rifle!" This was a bear I couldn't pass up. Even with a rifle. After the shot, he dove into some thick, nasty brush. It was a very tense bloodtrail to say the least. In the end, I put a finishing shot into him and he ended up dying in a bog at the edge of a beaver pond. The biologist at Kodiak measured him at 9' 5" squared."

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