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"Jason's California Muzzleloader Buck"
Photo provided by: Jason Boyer

What a fine California muzzleloader muley. Jason Boyer, aka buckmster28, shared the following in our forum...........

"Had a great time on my Ca Muzzleloader hunt, one of the funnest hunts I have been a part of. Met some really cool people in the field and had a great time the whole trip. Had a few freinds come along to help and a local named Richard gave me a hand as well. Actually saw my buck before the season but didnt go back for him for a couple days as I wanted to try and find a better one, which I did but he was across the border and I obviously was not the only one who knew about him. After looking at a ton of bucks and not seeing any in the unit that were better I decided to see if he was still around and sure enough he was. I think I actually didnt want the hunt to end but he looked too good that day to pass. I was humbled a little at my abilities with a muzzleloader but was able to eventually get it done. Anyway He is my best Cali buck to date and since I primarily hunt Blacktails in B zone he will probably remain that way."

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