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"Wesley's Texas Stud-of-a-Buck"
Photo provided by: Wesley Higgins

Wesley Higgins writes, "Well this all started about 6 years ago when they opened a mule deer season here in the county we live in in West Texas. I started my quest for a big boy! Last year I connected all the dots with a Monster!! (Click Here to See Photo)

This year I had my sights set on a few big boys but had none of them show during our week long season.
My brother-in-law, Cody, was able to make it in Thanksgiving day and we set out early Friday to see what we could see. The country we hunt is great stuff, but we don't have much of it. In total we only have about 1,000 acres to hunt that holds good deer. Friday was a good day. I had Cody and my other brother-in-law, Luke, with me and we saw a bunch of deer, but no shooters. Friday evening my wife and kids wanted to go, so that left Cody and Luke on their own. Me and my wife, plus 3 little girls, only saw a few does, but about 20 minutes before dark I got a call from Luke and Cody. They had spotted a good buck and asked me if I had seen him. They started telling me what he looked like and I told them that if they had to ask, then he was not the one they wanted!

The next morning Luke had to work, so it was just Cody and I. We were up way before day break and out we went. Cody and I made a quick pass through a spot only about 120 acres and only saw 1 whitetail doe. I told Cody that I had an idea!!
I had a place that I had seen a good 180 class buck early in the week and I thought he might be back in the same area. But there was a kicker ...... Cody had another hunt planned for December the 13th in the Davis mountains of West Texas for a management muley ranging from 160-180 and we only get one mule deer tag. I asked Cody if I was to show you a 180 plus, would you take him and Cody said, "OH BOY, would I"!!!! So off we went. On our way to my little secret spot, I told Cody how it was going to all go down.

This spot is real small, but I have seen a lot of deer using it. It's a bedding area. It's real thick, but only about 100 yards by about 200 yards long. I told him the only way this was going to work was if he set up on some high ground and was ready to shoot when the big boy came out at about 75 yards.

The plan was for Cody to set up down wind and on high ground and for me to walk in on the up wind side. Cody was set and I was on my way. I parked the truck and left the key in so the buzzer was sounding off. I cleared my throat a few times and locked and loaded. I had only walked about 30 yards when I heard one shot. My first thought was that dumb boy killed a coyote!!! I was not happy!!! There was no way I had already jump some deer, I just knew he killed a coyote!! I did not hear any shouts of joy or any other shots. I bee lined it right for where I knew Cody was sitting. On my way I saw 2 does and heard a few other critters jump and run. As I rounded a few trees, I saw Cody jumping up and down!!! He yelled, "It's the biggest deer I have ever seen!!!". I could see his left side sticking up out of the grass and I immediately knew the deer. I had seen this buck one year ago after season, not 10 feet from where he now laid dead.

Cody told me that he had just heard my door shut when he saw him jump from the tree line. Cody picked up his new rifle and only took his 2 position safety off one click!! He pulled and nothing!! He flicked the safety one more time and now the buck was so close he had to back his scope out. He then saw nothing but hair and pulled!

It was a great hunt and I'm so glad I get to share trips like this one with family. Luke, next year it's your turn buddy!!!"

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