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"Shirley's Fantastic Trophy Bull"
Photo provided by: Shirley Muir

Shirley Muir writes, "The night before opening day we were all so excited and nervous that we couldn't sleep. After months of scouting, we finally decided on the opening day shooter. We had 4-wheelers unloaded and moving by 4:15. My husband, Jeff, and I went one way, our two spotters, Steven and Wayne, went the other. Jeff and I parked in the dark and hiked up this saddle and waited till it got light. We walked around this hill to see and hear three little bulls play fighting. Then the big one was spotted. First we sighted him at 810 yards. So, we decided to sneak to the tree line to get closer while not spooking the little bulls 100 yards away. When we got to the tree line the big one was at 640 yards. Once I finally got a good dead rest he was at 670 yards. Took in a deep breath and squeezed the trigger. It was a hit in the shoulder! I was so excited. He walked about 20 yards uphill, then stumbled down. The rest is history."

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