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"Sweet Stalk = Big Utah Buck for Kirk"
Photo provided by: Kirk Chrisatiansen

Kirk Chrisatiansen, aka dblkicker in our talk forums, got it done in the high country of Utah this year with his bow.

Kirk shared in our forum;
"I ran into this guy Tuesday morning attempting to get to a little spike camp I have at 10,000'. I wasn't sure if I wanted to shoot a 3-point that was 4 miles from the truck, but when he decided to bed down in the most perfect spot for an easy stalk, well I just couldn't turn a great opportunity down. After a hour of slowly slipping down the backside of the ridge he was bedded on, I topped over the ridge to find him still in his bed at 52 yards. He sure looked a lot bigger the closer I got and thought he was close to a 30-inch buck. Drew back, leveled my bow, put my red pin on his vitals, and turned it loose. Gotta love the unmistakeable sound of an arrow finding its mark. After couple of hours of waiting and following a great 500 yard blood trail, I caught up to this giant of a 3-point. This bugger was much bigger than I was thinking. Now my dilemma is-- Is he a wall hanger? I never thought I would ever mount a 3-point, but......"

What do you think? Is he a wallhanger? Click Here to share your opinion.

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