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"Tim's Stick-n-String Utah Bull"
Photo provided by: Tim Dykes

Tim Dykes, aka FRD4LFE, posted in our forum the following.....

"Here is my Wasatch Archery bull I was able to take Tuesday the 9th. I have hunted this tag with my brother in 2012 and good friend in 2013 and all of us were able to harvest mature bulls. I can honestly say I under estimated how hard and stressful this hunt is with the tag in your pocket. From heavy rain ruining my plans to sit water early, to snow- thinking it would start the rut early, and bulls not getting fired up like I would have liked. My good friend called it in to 14 yds without the bull ever making a sound! I made a good shot and planned to let him sit for an hour or so...but it started raining 20 min into my wait and forced us to go in. With an arrow nocked we walked up on him 75 yds from the first shot and he was not able to get up. I placed one more arrow to end his suffering. I feel very fortunate and humbled to take this bull. I could not have been happier with the experience and bull!

Having my wife and 2 daughter's at camp when I got back, made it all that much better!!"

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