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"85-Inch Trophy Speedgoat for Terry"
Photo provided by: Tyler Wilson

Tyler Wilson writes, "My dad, Terry, knocked down this dude after passing 25 plus bucks. My dad and our hunting buddy, Todd, went out and gave it hell yesterday. We seen this buck mid afternoon. Myself and Todd knew this was the buck, but Dad said you can't kill big ones if you kill decent ones. Well, after driving 45 mins and looking at some more decent bucks I finally convinced dad that he better take a better look. I guess after not getting a tag for 10 plus years you can't judge them as well. We finally got back to where we had this dude located with his 17 doe's! We actually had time to look this buck over and over and actually send pictures to a good buddy just making sure we would not regret this. After a miss or 3 this dude finally HIT THE DIRT!!! I guess being a handicap hunter does have its advantages. Another awesome hunt and 1 tag filled ... 4 more to go!!!! After rough measurement we put tape on him and he's at 85-4/8 inches."

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