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"Vince's 367-Inch Gross Colorado Muzzy Bull"
Photo provided by: Vince James

Vince James, aka Frijoles, shared in our Colorado forum his success this year. He took this 367-inch bull with his muzzleloader. He shared the following......

"This was my first muzzle loader elk. I got him on the first afternoon of the hunt. As I was sitting watching a little park with a wallow in it, I heard bugling. For the first few bugles I just sat and listened hoping he was coming to the wallow. This went on for probably 20 minutes, so I decided to start cow calling with an occasional small sounding bugle. Pretty soon I heard some noise behind me in the timber, and when I turned around I saw a cow coming towards me through the timber. Then I saw some more movement and caught a glimpse of this bull at the edge of the timber and a clearcut moving to my left. I cow called and he stopped long enough for me to see his rack. I knew he was a shooter. I layed down and found an opening through the timber where he stood with just his shoulder showing. After the shot and the smoke clearing I could see him run out into the clearcut and as I was reloading I was cow calling to stop him. He ran up to a cow and stopped. When I got reloaded I pulled up my binoculars just in time to see him tip over. I knew I had a good bull down, but didn't realize what I had until I walked up to him. I texted my brother, who was scouting some other openings for me and told him I had a big bull down. I had to go and find him for some help and when we got back to my bull and Greg picked up his rack, that's when I really realized how big of a bull he really was. This is the bull I've always dreamed of harvesting, and my dreams finally came true."

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