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"Heavy, Dark-Antlered Stud Bull for Colton"
Photo provided by: Colton Padilla

Colton Padilla, aka elkfanatic here at, shared with us all in our New Mexico his elk hunting adventure. Here's what he had to share........

"So after the luck I had last year, I never believed that I would get another opportunity that good. Well I drew the same tag this year and prepared all summer. With all my college stuff going on, I only had a day and a half to hunt. So the 12th my brother and I headed to camp. The next morning we got up and stalked two different groups in absolute wide open space. My brother ended up with one shot opportunity but missed. After that it was my turn to shoot, so in the afternoon we headed to a different area in the rain. We had been hiking for about 15 minutes when we heard a bugle over the ridge. We went straight to it and ended up spotting the bull bedded and raking a tree at the same time. He had two cows with him so we figured we would get in his comfort zone and challenge him. My brother and I set up about 40 yards apart and my dad threw out a bugle. The bull slowly began making his way down to us but then held up raking a tree at about 100 yards. I didn't think he was going to come down so I threw the ole hyperlip single at him and that got his attention. After about two minutes he headed straight for us. I drew when he went behind a tree at 64 yards thinking he was going to keep coming. Then he held up at a tree and started raking, I let down ranged him at 56 and drew back. Just as I was about to touch the shot off he started coming closer. I held at full draw for almost 2 minutes with him staring at me until I had to let down. He saw a small amount of movement but not enough to scare him off. He decided to take the path right in between me and my brother, I knew that I had to shoot before he made it in the middle of us. So I drew when he went behind a tree and when he came out I stopped him, guessed at about 30 yards and shot. It looked a bit high when he started running so I nocked another arrow and then let him have it when he stopped at 64. Turns out I never needed to shoot again because as soon as the second arrow hit him he went down. The downward angle of the shot put me directly through both lungs and he was done in about 5 minutes. He looks really big in the pictures but it's just the angle of his browtines. He's about 270-280"

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