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"Mt. Dutton Muzzleloader Bull for Daniel"
Photo provided by: Daniel Bird

Daniel Bird, aka heartshot, had a fun Mt. Dutton muzzleloader bull elk hunt. The following is what he shared in our elk forum:

"Had a tough but rewarding muzzloader hunt on the Dutton. More than a dozen bulls bugling the night before the hunt. They continud to bugle until about 3am then they turned off like a switch. Come light only 2 bulls bugled and they were the only ones seen. I did not here another bugle, day or night, for another 5 days, Crazy! I covered alot of the the mountain and hiked up into and down into many remote “hot” spots, glassing like crazy. I was not finding much for elk or elk sign. Maybe the rifle guys did something to the elk, maybe I was just in the wrong spots, maybe I just suck, or maybe it was just a crazy year on the Dutton.

On day 8 on the mountain I ended up on the southern end and shot a decent 6 point. I heard it bugle (miracle) at 9:30am. I spotted it at 10am and was able to get to it and shoot it at 2pm. 2 minutes before I shot it bugled and then ripped up some pine shrubs 15 yards away from me (no shot). It then bugled again about 30 seconds before the shot and moved through my only window. The shot was at 38 yards and I hit about 6 inched behind the shoulder. After the shot it walked about 15 yards and then collapsed belly up. It was nothing huge but it was a good bull and I am grateful for it. I wish my brother could have been there but he had to leave 4 days prior. There is nothing like hauling an elk out 4.5 miles by yourself, especially when you shoot it in the bottom of a hole."

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