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"Sweet High Country Archery Muley"
Photo provided by: Henry Ferguson

This dandy Colorado high country muley was taken by Henry Ferguson, aka COLO3D here at He shared in our forum the following:

"I have had the goal of taking an alpine buck for quite a while now. I finally realized that goal last Wednesday evening. I hiked countless miles in pursuit of a big four point that eluded me for the first few weeks. He disappeared after the muzzleloader season so I went in pursuit of other bucks.

As I checked in on a new basin, I found my buck. After some coyotes bumped them, I managed to relocate them and get a shot. The shot angle was extreme and took out just about everything inside the buck. He ran/tumbled 60 yards straight downhill before he piled up in the willows.

The pack out was lots of fun as I was a long way from cell service at the end of a road that I would not wish on my worst enemy, much less my good friends. I decided I would rather make one miserable trip down the side of the mountain than two semi-miserable trips."

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