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"Amazing Big Bull Success with a Recurve"
Photo provided by: Dennis Dunn

Dennis Dunn writes, "Talk about lucky? After three days of driving, I got home from Arizona Monday night, where I managed to harvest the second-most exceptional animal of my entire hunting lifetime. The Good Lord blessed me mightily, and I arrowed on the seventh morning of the archery season a public-lands bull that will easily make Boone and Crockett, with plenty of room to spare. It had taken me 16 years to draw that non-resident, archery elk tag for Unit 7 West.

I was hunting with my Steve Gorr Whitetail Hawk recurve, a Suzanne St. Charles arrow, and my latest favorite broadhead the TUFFHEAD (225-grains, two-blade, single-bevel). Total arrow weight was 720 grains. When the moment of truth arrived, it was a 32-yard shot with the bull walking slightly quartering away. The SCI score comes in at 378 2/8. The net B & C score (green) is 372 3/8, so the deductions were pretty minimal. It appears, from looking at the Pope & Young Traditional Records books, that after the 60-day drying period it will rank in the top ten, all-time, for Typical American Elk taken with traditional archery equipment by a modern bowhunter."

Dennis also writes books for hunters. Have a look at:

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