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"A Special Hunt ... Muley Success"
Photo provided by: Brad Robins

Brad Robins writes, "All my wishes came true last weekend. Dad was able to be out there, and we shared in a successful hunt. Dadís heart attack has set him back a lot in the last two years. Now, he might lose a foot due to poor circulation.

I might not have gotten "Him", but this buck was hand delivered to us. "Him" is an opening day buck I saw at first light.

I had some things to attend to on Friday, so I got out of town late. I had two hours to hunt. Dad had called me and said that he and his friend, Roger, would be at the head of two different canyons. I would zoom down a few canyons and hike up right at sunset, hoping to push a buck to these old guys.

Upon cresting the last rise out of the canyon, I spotted something odd in the tall CRP grass. Antlers! I crept slowly along the moguls to about 100 yards.

As I laid there staring at the buck's head, waiting for it to clear the tall grass, I reflected on past hunts with Dad and my Great Uncle Percy. Cool, dark evenings with me bouncing in the back of the ol' International Scout heading back to the shop. We'd hang and skin bucks in that shop with the lone light bulb hanging in the middle. Maybe a Beaver game would be on the radio, with Darrel Aune waxing poetic about the Beavers' woes. I have hunted this family ranch since I could. Before then, I walked behind my uncle as dad ran the canyons. Uncle Percy raised my mom on this family ranch ever since his sister died of pneumonia. The ranch started in 1883 when my Great Great Grandfather settled there.

The buck finally fed forward enough to present a shot. One muzzle blast in my scope and he was down with a heart shot. I might have had the scope hit my forehead, but I won't admit it.

When I got to the buck, I could see my dad with his hands raised in excitement while sitting on our four wheeler; he had watched this buck for some time, but he knew I'd be there. He could have shot this buck.

Dad and his friend drove up and through the moguls and we took care of the buck. Smiles were extra large that night.

I believe this was the perfect gift. Divine intervention, if you will.

It's tough to see Superman relegated to sitting on stands on top. This was a special hunt for sure."

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