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"180-Inch General Season Idaho Buck for David"
Photo provided by: David Scott

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David Scott, sporting his Vortex binoculars, writes, "I got this buck in Idaho on an OTC unit. I was alone when I got him but was able to get a hold of my son to come help cut him up and pack him out. Good thing because this bucks body was huge. Most big mature bucks that I have cut up and packed out take 2 loads that are usually 55 to 75 lbs each. On this guy I had 92 lbs with just meat and the head and my son had 81 lbs. of just meat.

He scores 180. I know he doesn't quite look that in the pictures with that week g2, but with 25 inch main beams, a 14 inch g4 on the left, and good mass, he makes back some ground."

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