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"Sweet Year of Hunting for Robert"
Photo provided by: Robert Starling

Robert Starling had a great hunting season, taking a great pronghorn buck and bull elk. He says the antelope hunt was one of the most difficult hunt ever.

Robert writes, "This particular buck was somewhat of a “ghost or rumor” in the area; a local legend that only a few ranchers had seen from a distance. I was at the point after four days looking for him that I really didn’t believe he existed or was still in the area. I had decided a few hours earlier that I’d just settle for the next buck I could find. Then, after just looking down at the time on my phone, I looked up and there he was facing away from me. I could tell from his substantial hind quarters this was a big mature buck. I didn’t even have my release on, my bow in hand or an arrow nocked. When he turned I knew he was the one, then he turned away for just long enough for me to get setup and on my knees. I ranged him at 27 yards, he turned broadside, I grunted to stop him and I nailed him with a perfect double lung arrow from my Mathews NoCam. He took off sheeting blood out both sides and piled up about 50 yards away. Frankly I don’t know if I was more happy to have this buck or for this hunt to finally be over!"

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