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"J.R.'s Big Montana Bull Moose"
Photo provided by: JR Creighton

JR Creighton, aka JRABQ, shared with us in our forum his success and adventure in Montana this year. He shared..........

"Got lucky and found a nice bull on 4th morning of my hunt. I had seen one other bull on the first morning, and in retrospect I was "lucky" I didn't get a shot at him because he was not nearly as nice as this one. Anyway, I saw this one about 700-800 yards away, and closed the distance to ~320 and took the shot. I probably could have got closer but after having the first bull give me the slip I wasn't going to take any chances. He dropped at the shot but I could see he was still alive so I hustled over in his direction. Good thing because when I was about 150 yards away he stood up and took a step and was about to go behind a tree. Got the crosshairs back on him and fired and he disappeared. Turned out he died right there, but with the tall grass and brush it was an anxious few minutes before I got over there and found him. First thought was damn he's a big critter. I shot a younger Shiras moose in WY in 2003, and it really wasn't any bigger than a mature bull elk, but this one sure was. First shot hit him a bit forward in neck area, but he was able to recover and get up, 2nd shot in heart/lungs did him in."

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