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"One Heck of a Saturday!"
Photo provided by: Kendon Sorenson

Kendon Sorenson, aka ksorenson, shared in our General Hunting forum the following about the awesome Saturday he experienced.

"My old man and I took off on the last Saturday of the general season deer hunt in hopes of filling the freezer. I had tagged out the opening day of the deer hunt on a decent buck but still had a cow elk tag in my pocket. My dad still had a deer tag but the main goal that day was to shoot my cow. Well we had a cow down by 8:30. As we we're riding the horses over to the ridge where I had put her down we spotted 4 bucks across the canyon. I told my Dad that if we got the elk quartered up and loaded we would have plenty of time to go hunt one of those bucks. I was somewhat surprised when all the stars aligned and he ended up killing a decent buck a couple hours later. As we were taking care of the deer I looked back across the canyon towards where I had shot the cow and noticed a Dead head. I ended up going back and retrieving it the next week with the game warden. By the end of the day we were pretty wore out but it will go down as one of the most memorable days of my life. P.S. we also slayed a coyote on the way out!"

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